How To Become A Freight Broker

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How To Start A Freight Brokerage Business In Just 30 Days!

You can get out of the day to day grind and start making a huge amount of money by learning how to become a freight broker or freight agent by starting your own freight brokerage business. Best of all you do not need to be a rocket scientist to start a brokerage business but there is a right way and a wrong way to building a successful business.

So What Is A Freight Broker

Freight brokers find a trucking company carrier for shippers that want to move freight from one destination to another. Freight brokers do this by finding a shipper that will haul the freight for less than the customer is looking to pay…thus “brokering” the deal.

In other words freight brokers, also referred to as truck brokers, load brokers, logistics brokers, and sometimes transportation brokers, act as middle-men that match available freight shippers with available trucks and earn 10% to 35% in pure profit for every shipment. On average, just for coordinating shipments, you can earn as little as $100 or even $5000 or more per shipment just for matching up a truck to haul the shippers freight!

How many loads do you think you can broker per day…1, 2, 10 or more?  If this sounds interesting keep reading to learn how to get started.

Why become a freight broker?

  • It is easy to get started
  • No experience necessary
  • A $400 billion growing industry
  • Perfect home based business
  • Start will very little investment
  • Your income potential is huge
  • No employee requirements
  • U.S. Canada or even International business opportunities
  • Work from anywhere with just a phone and laptop
  • Build a business to sell or pass on to family members
  • Keep your existing trucking job!
  • And much more….

Most anyone can become a freight broker. No requirement for a special background, just a willingness to earn thousands of dollars.

So where can I find the Best Freight Broker Training?

We recommend this online training program. It has proven to be successful in getting your new business up and running in just 30 to 45 days. The program costs just $98 dollars and will save you time and hundreds of dollars from making costly mistakes.

The online freight broker training program covers the following critical requirements:

freight broker training

Read more about the Freight Broker Training Program Here or by visiting their Official Website. – copyright 2014